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Friday August 17, 2018           


One of the most frequent causes of computer problems comes from errors in the computer's registry. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 computers running Windows have registry data errors. It is not uncommon for a computer to have dozens or even hundreds of errors that have accumulated in the registry.

These errors can include corrupt, missing, or orphaned files, directories, startup programs or icons. They can also include missing system fonts, dll files, and file associations. Invalid items such as invalid shortcuts, application paths, and device drivers are also common.

Symptoms include frequent error messages, slow computer start-up, shut down problems, unstable software programs, frequent need to reboot, application error messages, sluggish performance, and computer freezes or crashes.

Most experts recommend that you only repair the registry yourself if you really understand what you are doing. If you plan to edit the registry yourself, ALWAYS back up the registry first so it can be returned to a previous working condition should something go wrong.

However, the better solution is to use a good quality registry repair program, also known as a registry cleaner. A quality registry cleaner will automatically back up the registry and the best ones give you the option to restore the registry incrementally, so you can restore only those parts in the Windows registry that are causing the problems.

Registry cleaner software makes the laborious procedure of cleaning your Windows registry relatively simple. It typically includes applications that not only help you resolve existing registry issues, but can help stop problems from taking place in the first place.

Using Windows registry cleaner tools as a part of your regular pc maintenance is not only easy, but will help stop Windows error messages, prevent system crashes, resolve hidden problems, and really optimize your computer's speed and performance.


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Free Registry Scan Download


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