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Friday August 17, 2018           


RegSWEEP™ Overview

RegSWEEP is the latest in PC error diagnostic and repair. RegSWEEP can do a complete scan of your entire file system and registry in under 2 minutes! All corrupt files, paths, and registry keys will be analyzed and automatically repaired so that your PC functions just as when you first purchased it, Guaranteed.

RegSWEEP Features

  • Fix Windows-Installer Errors
  • Repair DLL Files
  • Windows Startup Errors
  • Internet Explorer Errors
  • Runtime Errors
  • Prevents PC from Freezing or Crashing
  • Restore Correct File & Registry Paths Broken DLLs, OCX, and ActiveX Components
  • Fixes Corrupt Files
  • Stabilize Scripting Errors
  • Tune & Repair Your PC with Diagnostics

What exactly is RegSWEEP?
RegSWEEP is the latest in computer diagnostic and repair technology. This revolutionary software has eliminated computer repair costs for millions of PC users across the globe.

How does RegSWEEP work?
If your computer is running on a Windows operating system, it has something called a Windows registry. No matter how careful you are with your computer, this registry can become corrupted with numerous errors over the course of time. RegSWEEP uses state-of-the-art technology to scan and diagnose your Windows registry, fixing the errors that lead to the most common computer problems.

What do registry errors do to a computer?
Registry errors can do many different things to your computer. They can corrupt files, slow down your system and can even cause your computer to crash without warning or apparent reason.

How did my Windows registry get errors in the first place?
Every single computer running on a Windows OS gets errors at some point or another. There is absolutely no way to prevent registry errors from occurring. Some registry errors occur when you install or uninstall software products, others may occur due to unused drivers on your system. There are literally hundreds of reasons why registry errors happen.

Help Files Information
The last thing you need when you are looking for help on an application is for it to crash! RegCure takes care of invalid help file references so you never have to worry about the registry containing incorrect help information.

How do I know my computer problems are being caused by these errors?
Studies have proven that 94 percent of the computers in use have registry errors. Of this 94 percent, most computers are affected by a total of more than 150 different errors within the registry. The majority of computer problems can be traced back to a registry error.

Is RegSWEEP hard to use?
No, RegSWEEP is not hard to use. In fact, RegSWEEP is considered to be one of the most user-friendly computer diagnostic and repair solutions available. When you combine RegSWEEP's user-friendly interface with our 24/7 round-the-clock live technical support, it's like have a professional computer technician in your home every hour of every day.

Can't I just delete registry errors myself?
Is it possible to delete registry errors yourself? Yes. You can go into your registry and start deleting entries, but it's definitely NOT recommended. If you start manually removing items from your registry, you are eventually going to remove something that you shouldn't, and that can leave you with a completely useless hard drive that needs to be reformatted by a professional.

What if I can't fix my computer issues using RegSWEEP?
Almost all computer issues can be resolved using RegSWEEP. However, should you run into trouble correcting one of your computer issues, you can contact our 24/7 technical support team. The RegSWEEP team works around the clock to ensure that you have access to the help you need, when you need it.

What exactly can your technical support team do?
Our technical support team can do everything from answering simple questions to actually logging into your PC (with your permission of course) via a remote connection to fix your computer for you.

Does technical support cost anything?
That's what's so great about RegSWEEP. The revolutionary RegSWEEP technology and the 24/7 customer support virtually eliminate the need for high-priced repair services and overpaid computer technicians. Technical support for RegSWEEP is always free and if you need advanced PC support, we can always arrange an affordable solution for you.

Is RegSWEEP really as good as a computer technician?
Better. Instead of just "magically" making your computer better, RegSWEEP lets you see exactly what was wrong with your computer and what was fixed. Of course, RegSWEEP has nothing to gain by "inventing" or "creating" computer problems that don't exist, so you can be sure that only what needs repair is being fixed and that additional problems aren't being created.

What if I don't fix my registry errors?
What's the worst that can happen if you don't fix your registry errors? Your entire hard drive can experience a fatal error, making it of absolutely no use to anyone. Unless you're prepared to lose everything on your computer, don't take registry errors lightly.

Do I need to use RegSWEEP continuously?
Yes, you will need continued use of RegSWEEP technology. As long as you are operating a Windows-based computer, you are going to be creating registry errors through normal use. Only by using RegSWEEP can you ensure that your registry is kept optimized and error-free.

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