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Friday August 17, 2018           


There are many reasons why a computer can slow down over time, but one of the most common ones is a cluttered or damaged registry which can come from many different activities, but one of the most common is installing and uninstalling software programs.

There are many software applications that simply do not uninstall correctly or completely. This can be because these programs do not provide a good uninstall utility or even if they do, items are still left behind when the installation is complete.

The result is residual entries in the registry leading to a bloated registry size. Even using the Microsoft Windows uninstall feature from within the Control Panel can leave fragments and orphaned files in the registry.

In addition to installation issues, files can be corrupted, deleted, or orphaned by mistake or by malicious programs such as Adware, Spyware and viruses.

All these registry related problems will slow down a computer's ability to boot up, open and close programs, and in some cases, cause the computer to freeze, crash or even stop working altogether!


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Free Registry Scan Download


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