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Friday August 17, 2018           


Missing or corrupt files inside the registry keys (like folders), registry classes (categories or groups of information blocks), registry values (the actual stored data itself) and registry settings are common causes of Windows error messages.

Links that lead to dll (dynamic link library) files that are missing or that no longer exist can produce dll error messages such as "A required .DLL file xxxxxx.dll was not found".

Usually this is caused by a required system file that has been deleted. This can occur from uninstalling software improperly, cleaning up the hard drive by removing files and folders that seem like they're not being used (but are), and damage caused by malicious software such as viruses.

DLL and other errors can often be taken care of with a good registry repair software. If it is necessary to replace any missing dll files, they are readily available for free via the Internet.


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Free Registry Scan Download


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