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NEW! Anti-Virus Plus™ 2008 Edition for Windows®                                           Monday December 10, 2018              

Virus AND Spyware Protection!

What's in your computer? Important personal files, critical financial data, precious photos, your entire music collection? How would you feel if these irreplaceable files were suddenly destroyed by a malicious virus?

What about your financial or other private information? What would you do if your identity was stolen by Spyware that recorded logins and passwords to your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial services?

Paretologic Anti-Virus PLUS scans your entire computer system to quickly detect, eliminate and then prevent all virus infections and spyware intruders. Feel safe from the dangers lurking on the Internet. Anti-Virus PLUS is your fast, dependable "complete package" defense.

Stop Spyware With Anti-Virus PLUS Anti-Spyware

Windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows 2000

Key features of Anti-Virus PLUS:

  • Detects & removes: viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, & malware
  • Protects against identity and credit card theft
  • Actively guards your personal files, photos, memories
  • Fast, powerful, and easy to use
  • Award winning computer protection
  • Comprehensive customer technical support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Download Anti-Virus PLUS and Eliminate Viruses and Spyware Now!

Anti-Virus PLUS Anti-Spyware

  100% Money Back Guarantee  
Buy Anti-Virus PLUS Now
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  Here's What Anti-Virus PLUS Customers Are Saying...

" I used to be scared about going on the Internet. With ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS, I feel safe!"

Denis L., Canada

"I was shocked at how many viruses and how much spyware it found. Thank you for keeping my system safe."

Jim E., USA

"I was continually cleaning spyware from my computer. Now Anti-Virus PLUS blocks it from getting into my PC in the first place. It's really great."

E. Chamberlain, USA

Don't Let Your Guard Down!
Computer viruses and spyware infections are a great concern for anyone that uses the Internet. It seems like everyday there's a new virus to breach your computer's security or new spyware trying to steal your personal identity information.

As important as it is to protect yourself against viruses, spyware is becoming more and more dangerous and traditional anti-virus programs do not eliminate or prevent spyware infections. Anti-Virus PLUS is a comprehensive professional grade anti-virus and anti-spyware program specifically designed to protect you from threats like the following...

Viruses are distinguishable from other malware in that they spread and pass themselves from computer to computer. Viruses are contracted only when a user accesses an infected object or runs malicious code when performing a particular action, such as opening an unknown program or unknowingly accessing a virus program on an unsafe website.

Displays unwanted or intrusive advertisements, or facilitates the delivery of unwanted ads. The Adware label covers a broad range of threats that can display ads in browser windows, send you to commercial Web sites, and collect data for market research.

A generic term for software designed specifically to do damage -"malicious software." Malware and viruses seem similar, but Malware is typically not self-replicating or designed for computer-to-computer distribution. Anti-Virus PLUS takes Malware very seriously and you should too.

Though not technically spyware, Trojan horse programs take their name from the mythical wooden horse that carried hidden Greek soldiers into Troy. These programs contain hidden functions, often posing as useful applications yet performing Spyware or Adware functions, or allowing remote access to other people.

Records keystrokes into a log file and may transmit or e-mail the file to an intruder. Keyloggers can record passwords and logins, allowing intruders to access passworded programs and web sites, including online banking accounts. Most keyloggers log all keystrokes. VERY dangerous and a specialty of Anti-Virus PLUS.

Pop-up Generator
Pop-up generators display unwanted or obtrusive advertising, often showing up in their own browser windows or pop-up boxes. They track the types of websites you visit and then display related ads. Many are of a pornographic nature even if you have not visited those types of sites.

Browser Hijacker
Changes Web browser settings like homepage, search page, error page, and Favorites/Bookmarks. Browser hijackers are a common form of Spyware, affecting millions of computers across North America alone. If your homepage changes unexpectedly or your search results seem strange, you may have a browser hijacker.

Worms are self-replicating, fast-spreading Internet threats that are more akin to viruses than Spyware. They differ from viruses in that they can replace entire files on the host computer. Both viruses and worms attempt to spread to as many computers as possible, using e-mail, the Internet, and file-sharing networks as methods of distribution. Anti-Virus PLUS stops Worms in their slimy tracks.

Downloads and installs unsolicited files or programs, often without notifying the user or requesting permission. Downloader programs are especially dangerous because they allow any type of file, including worms and viruses, to be downloaded onto the user's computer. Anti-Virus PLUS prevents Downloaders from accessing your computer.

Designed to collect data for a variety of purposes, true Spyware (or surveillance) applications record personal or private information and transmit it to a third party. Often this data is used for market research and advertising, but more malicious Spyware programs attempt to steal passwords, logins, banking details and credit card information.

Anti-Virus PLUS is The Answer
Anti-Virus PLUS is the top rated diagnostic tool that finds all viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and malware on your computer and then eliminates them quickly and completely. Anti-Virus PLUS then actively protects you against future spyware threats and infections by blocking them before they reach your computer..

  Download Anti-Virus PLUS and Eliminate Viruses and Spyware Now!

Anti-Virus PLUS Anti-Spyware

  100% Money Back Guarantee  
Buy Anti-Virus PLUS Now
Only $49.95*
Take Anti-Virus PLUS For a
Free Test Drive
Buy Anti-Virus PLUS Now Anti-Virus PLUS Free Trial Download
*Special Internet Offer – SAVE $10 – Only $39.95!
(Offer Valid Thru Midnight on Tuesday December 11, 2018)


Windows 7 Compatible 32 Bit and 64 Bit

Windows XP, 2000, Windows 98 & ME Ready

Softpedia Certified No Spyware, Adware, or Viruses

"We highly recommend Anti-Virus PLUS. In fact, we were so impressed with Anti-Virus PLUS during our review, we now use it on our own computers. Spyware Beware!"

- Tech PC

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